How does Radiografilm® work?


Radiografilm®’s purpose is to simplify assessment of the script and to reflect visually how the story works from a concrete and ordered perspective, every minute.


Radiografilm®,  distributes the script’s data in six categories: Dramatic Development, Sequences, Characters, Locations, Times, Changes, in addition to any other variable the user wants to graph

Number, Heading and Summary of the sequence are organized by Radiografilm® in the corresponding minute, as specified in the script. It allows the user to easily locate himself/herself at any moment of the story. Text is displayed in the Sequences section.

Dramatic Development. The user draws the development curve representing the dramatic evolution of the story. This is displayed through the development line, with the color and stroke the user chooses. This is a tool allowing to represent the dramatic behavior of the story.

With the                 button, you may enlarge until eighths of minute may be viewed.


The continual time reference given by Radiografilm® allows

you to relate essential variables of each group and their influence

on the dramatic development.

With Radiografilm® you may create new GROUPS, depending on the specific needs of the story or the user.

Radiografilm® allows you to add NOTES at any place of the dramatic development. Such are displayed with an orange dot which may be clicked on in order to show the text of the note in a window.

Choose the more convenient color to identify every element.

The user may specify changes suggested in order to improve the script or the edition, using the CHANGES module.

Quickly and easily identify in your story the balance of characters, locations, time, dramatic progression, props, effects, lenses, lights, indoor and outdoor locations, wardrobe, animals, make-up, music, narrator, dubbing, weaknesses and strengths of the script, and more.


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scriptwriter find and resolve scipt's problems
Descarga Radiografilm y Encuentra y resuelve los problemas del guión
Descarga Radiografilm y Encuentra y resuelve los problemas del guión







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scriptwriter find and resolve scipt's problems