Who uses Radiografilm ® ?


Radiografilm ® is multi-purpose, in accordance with the user:



Radiografilm® allows the PRODUCER to quickly assess any script, displaying in a single picture complexity and dimensions of the production: number of characters, locations, times (set in a certain epoch, which epoch, and how long it is on the screen). On the other hand, the development curve shows efficiency of the dramatic progression.


Radiografilm® allows the SCRIPT WRITER to clarify the distribution and proportion of main variables (characters, times and locations), as well as detecting any possible problem related to dramatic development.



Radiografilm® allows the DIRECTOR to identify weaknesses and strengths of the script as a reference to make realization decisions.



Radiografilm® allows the CASTING DIRECTOR to easily locate characters in importance or appearance order, and their distribution throughout the story allows him/her to view the number of characters in the story.



Radiografilm® allows the PHOTOGRAPHER to quickly see in the group of Times how many nights and days there are in the movie, as well as percentages for each. In combination with Locations, the equipment that will be needed for every sequence, adding it in new groups, in accordance with the project, may be foreseen: steady cam, drones, cranes, two cameras, etc.



Radiografilm® allows the ART DIRECTOR to view the number of sets and the presence of each in the script. He/she may easily use the times of the story, such as days, nights, epochs, flash backs, animations, stock, dreams, etc.

Radiografilm® allows ACTORS to easily find their appearances and they may use the dramatic development curve in order to identify the intensity in various moments of the narrative structure, balance of characters, etc.

Radiografilm® allows the SCRIPT SUPERVISOR to quickly locate any sequence in order to identify variables that may have continuity with others: characters, wardrobes, sets, light conditions, etc.



Radiografilm® allows the SOUND DEPARTAMENT to quickly view in locations the sets where each sequence will be filmed, and the equipment required to solve sound conditions in each place, as well as the number of characters (microphones) to be used.


Radiografilm® allows the EDITOR to locate weaknesses of the script in order to make structure or rhythm changes, construction or perspective adjustments, locating on the graphic (as agreed with the director) where changes are required along dramatic development in order to improve it.



Radiografilm® allows the MUSICIAN to view the length and location of the soundtrack.





Radiografilm® allows the SOUND DESIGNER to view the number of sets.




Radiografilm® allows the CINEMA or COMMUNICATION TEACHER to use the dramatic development curve to teach the students how to identify the progression prevailing in the narrative structure of various cultures.

Radiografilm® allows the STUDENTS to improve how their audiovisual exercises work dramatically, as well as to analyze performance and progression of emblematic movies or well-respected authors in history of cinema.

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Descarga Radiografilm y Encuentra y resuelve los problemas del guión







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scriptwriter find and resolve scipt's problems